Garden Diary - November 2017

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British White Cattle in Autumn
Sunday, 12 November 2017

Today started off in the kitchen. I was busy baking fruit cake and making pear cranberry chutney. Then, after lunch I had some run around and errands to do - take a jar of peach tomato salsa to Dave at RiverNet Computers (he and Lorraine were cleaning / re-arranging / getting ready for the holiday art show on December 2 & 3), continue on to Tassot Apiary for honey and other good things, then back on the road to Clinton for some shopping. And

as I came by the field, why, all the cattle were right up by the fence near the driveway, either standing around or napping, chewing their cud. So of course I had to pull in, scramble out with my camera, and take a few pictures. Francis was just laying there, back to the driveway, very calm. I'm not sure but what he looks even bigger, laying down, than standing up.

I got this very bucolic image of the countryside in autumn,
with cattle. Suitable title, don't you agree?

That's Francis, off on the left. Diane told me that, "Francis has been a busy man this month. Most days it is just one cow, but one day there were 3 cows needing his attention. I think he had a couple of days off last weekend. He needed a rest."

The early fall born calves are looking very charming.

Love the black points, those shaggy ears and long eyelashes.

And this cow, with rust brown ears. And spots.

A delightfully serendipitous interruption to my travels.
Back in my car and onward to the shopping.

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